From the front door.

From the front door.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Keeping It Real... cheap

Many people have the misconception that creating artwork for the purpose of enjoyment and sale is an undertaking that equates to a costly endeavor. However there are ways to create solid, sleek, enjoyable and purchase worthy pieces from neighborhood dollar stores and discount retailers for between $5- $10, perhaps even less.
I recently went to a local “dollar store” and spent $5.36 on a few supplies that have my friends and I have turned into several sell able or at least gift worthy pieces of art. The supplies consisted of one pack of washable markers, one pack of colored pencils, one pack of six 11x14 poster boards, one pack of ball point pens and a spiral bound book of 3x5 index cards.
Of course some of these supplies are nothing new to most parents who have purchased school supplies for their children, however the simplest things often draw the least consideration for artist that are looking to cut the cost of creation and add to potential profit or inexpensive preliminary work.
Whether your creating something loose and airy such as a ambiguous figure sketch or creating textured abstracts. Professionally presenting finished pieces is one of the key factors in selling and presenting the work. At least to most aesthetically conscious patrons. With that said working from standard size substrates is immensely important for turning cost into profit or at least less expensive individual pieces. You can find a wide selection of standard size frames at your local Miejers, Michaels, Target, dollar store and Goodwill locations. Pricing for these frames very and you can spend as much or as little as you like, but remember the point and keep it real, all you need is something clean and sharp for display. A lot of people who buy artwork have it reframed anyway.
So... you have created your work on the 11x14 (standard size) poster boards and you have a group of 3x5 (standard size) cards that are solid enough... but nothing that you’ve grown emotionally attached. You’ve framed them at a realistic price of $5 each for the 11x14’s and maybe $10 for a contemporary collage frame for four or five of the 3x5 (photo size) index cards.
Now you price them, I have enough trouble pricing my own work so thats on you. Keep in mind your cost. You spent $5 or so on supplies and you still have a lot left for more projects. You spent approx $5 per frame. If your fairly confident in your work you should be able to sell these pieces between $30- $50, no problem. Of course that depends upon what you want to charge hourly for labor and the commission percentage of your display space, but you get the point.
Keep creating and Keep it real.

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